Core values

How do you recognize Korein Kinderplein? We are active, reliable, professional, accessible, and personal. Our colorful spirit makes a lot of children and parents feel comfortable. Both young and old.


Swimming lessons, sports events, music, culture, technique, and nature; Korein Kinderplein organizes activities throughout the year, ensuring that your child won’t be bored for a minute. They’ll be coming home with exciting stories to tell!


Korein Kinderplein is not alone. The entire Korein organization is behind us. This allows us to provide you with the requisite continuity. Moreover, Korein holds a HKZ (Harmonization Quality Assessment in the Health Sector) certificate ISO 9001, which ensures the highest-level quality.


We possess a great deal of knowledge. This can be seen from our well thought-out approach, which is put into practice by means of the Child tracking system, among other things. It’s also reflected in our expert staff members, as well as the recognition we received from KINDwijzer, a national collaboration of prominent childcare organizations. Moreover, Korein Kinderplein collaborates, of course, with professional knowledge institutions, social organizations, housing corporations, and institutes for sports and culture.


You will always find a Korein Kinderplein in your neighborhood. Additionally, you will regularly receive information on important matters. Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to talk to one of our pedagogical staff members.


Our staff members take care of your child in a personal manner. Your child truly is our first priority. We encourage and guide your child in a nice, challenging, and safe environment, using a specific approach for every age group.