We highly appreciate your contribution. Therefore, each Korein Kinderplein has a local parents' committee (LO). At least 2 parents per establishment are members. The members represent all of the parents. The local parents' committee follows the policy of the establishment, provides advice, and consults with the area manager. Interested in becoming a member? The area manager is happy to inform you about the options.

Central Parents’ Committee

Korein Kinderplein has a Central Parents’ Committee (CO) with 7 elected members. They meet each quarter. The board of Korein Groep also takes part in this meeting. The focus is placed on following the organization-wide policy and assessing it on main features. The mutual involvement of the CO and LOs is guaranteed by means of an elaborated communication structure.

Contact information

The Central Parents’ Committee can be reached via

Participation regulation regarding childcare

The agreements with the parents' committees are laid down in our participation regulation (pdf, in Dutch). You can also have a look at it in the information file that is available at each Korein Kinderplein.