Korein Kinderplein provides the highest possible quality. Through a well thought-out pedagogical approach and enthusiastic staff members, we invite your child to broaden its horizon.


We want to be a sustainable organization in all respects. Corporate sustainability means devoting attention to the 3 P’s: People, Planet, Profit. We will be more vocal about the ‘P’ for Planet in the coming years. We’ve already started Het Gezonde Kinderplein (Healthy Kinderplein) in collaboration with southeastern Brabant’s GGD (Local Health Board). With this long-range project, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and environment. In the years to come, we will take more steps. Because the world wasn’t given to us by our parents; it was loaned to us by our children.


Korein Groep is a member of KINDwijzer, a national network of high-quality childcare organizations.

Safe childcare

Each year, we draw up a Risk inventory with regard to safety and health at each Kinderplein. When it comes to disease and hygiene, we operate in accordance with the guidelines of the GGD (Local Health Board), which also conducts an annual inspection of all establishments of Korein Kinderplein. You can find the inspection report of your child’s Korein Kinderplein on the establishment page and in the Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen (National Register for Childcare and Playgroups) (LRKP).

Childcare protocols

Our pedagogical staff members know what to do if something should happen despite all the measures taken. We regularly have evacuation drills. A health & safety officer is present at each Kinderplein, and we have protocols for responding effectively.