The ‘square’ concept

A square is there for everyone. It serves as a nice meeting point for all people; a central place with facilities for every age. Easily accessible and close to home. Just around the corner, so to speak. Just like Korein Kinderplein!

A square in a square

Korein Kinderplein is a safe place for meetings and friendships. This is clearly reflected in the interior. For most establishments of Korein Kinderplein have their own square, which serves as a central meeting point for children of all ages, parents, and pedagogical staff members.

Providing care together

However, the idea behind the square is more than that. It’s an expression of our most important view: we think of parenting as a joint responsibility. As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ We completely agree with that. Parenting is not just the concern of a parent; it’s the concern of everyone around the child. Korein Kinderplein is your parenting partner.