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Bennekelstraat 135
5654 DD Eindhoven
(040) 257 29 71
LRK dagopvang

opening hours

monday 07.30 - 18.30 uur
tuesday 07.30 - 18.30 uur
wednesday 07.30 - 18.30 uur
thursday 07.30 - 18.30 uur
friday 07.30 - 18.30 uur
saturday gesloten
sunday gesloten

Korein Kinderplein

There’s always something to do at Korein Kinderplein. Each day is an adventure! Your child will enjoy safety, warmth, challenges, and personal attention with us. A solid foundation for growth and development.

All children have their own talents, and we provide them with the opportunity to develop these. In Eindhoven and the surrounding municipalities, you will always find a Korein Kinderplein close to your home, school, or work. Just choose whatever suits you and your child best. Are you looking for professional and reliable care? Welcome to Korein Kinderplein!

Free drop-in for toddlers

We recently started a drop-in (a visiting hour) for toddlers at Korein Kinderplein Bennekelstraat. Drop-in (Speelinloop) is a meeting place for parents with children from 0 years, that do not use daycare (yet). During the drop-in your child can play for 1.5 hours with challenging play equipment as well as other children. While the child plays, the parent receives information about children in general, playing and education. In addition, there is of course an opportunity to talk about this with the other parents.
When the child reaches the age of 2.3 years, drop-in stops. You can then choose another product from Korein, such as playgroup (peuterwerk) or daycare (crèche).
Drop-in is free of charge and takes place on every Wednesday from 9:00 to 10:30 am.
You can register your child for drop-in by sending us an email or giving us a call.

Guided tour

Curious about our method and atmosphere? You are cordially invited to drop by and have a look. Request a guided tour.


Iris van Hoof

Iris van Hoof

Benefits for parent and child

  • Professional and reliable childcare
  • Educational aim
  • The development of your child is paramount

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This location has a parents' committee. You will be informed via this page, and the informationsign at the location.



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