If your child stays at school during the lunch break, then that needs to be properly organised and fun for the children. Would you like to know whether Korein Kinderplein also provides lunch-break childcare for your child's primary school? Check out the list below, visit the school's website, or just ask one the teachers.



Lunch-break childcare (LBC) by Korein Kinderplein is for both large and small. The kids can take their time to eat their lunch, play, and relax in a supervised setting. And having a bit of outdoor exercise gives them an enjoyable break and means they're full of energy for afternoon classes. And you can be confident that everything is properly organised.



The LBC of Korein Kinderplein means that everyone knows what to expect: the children, the school, and the parents. We agree all sorts of matters in an educational work plan in consultation with the school. We also stimulate healthy eating habits and adequate physical exercise, for instance. After all, healthy eating and exercise help your child to learn better!



LBC is part of the Korein Kinderplein day package. Within this package, you choose for yourself which type(s) of childcare you need: pre-school, lunch-break and/or after-school childcare. This allows us to provide a consistent line of progress that promotes the development of your child. What's more, it means your child sees the same familiar faces throughout the day.



Korein Kinderplein does not provide drink during lunch-break childcare. Children must therefore bring their own drink with them to school.



Korein Kinderplein provides lunch-break childcare at the following schools:



Does your child use LBC on fixed days during the week? Or just occasionally? Draw up your own schedule. This can be done quickly and easily via the Parent Portal. Organise your child's day package using your login code. On days you choose yourself. View the rates.



Do you want to register your child for LBC by Korein Kinderplein? Go to My Parent Portal and select lunch-break childcare. Are you already a client of Korein Kinderplein? Then log in to My Parent Portal with your existing account. The manual explains step-by-step how to register. Are you not a client yet? Then you will find answers to your questions using the Help button at My Parent Portal.



NOTE: because lunch-break childcare is not covered by the Netherlands Childcare Act but instead by the Netherlands Primary Education Act, you will not receive childcare allowance for it.