Your child can go to the KidZ Club (ages 4-9) and the Campus (ages 9-13) for the following:
• out-of-school care
• after-school care
• before-school care
• care on non-school days
• care during school holidays

Is your child under age 4? In that case, we provide day care in the Nursery.

Keeping busy in out-of-school care

We pick up your child from school. By providing a variety of activities, we ensure that everyone is having a good time. If your child feels the need to relax, read, or play on the computer, that’s also possible. After all, after-school hours are leisure time. In out-of-school care, children can choose how they want to spend their time.

KidZ Club and Campus childcare times

52, 46, or 40 weeks a year (except on holidays in accordance with the collective labor agreement for the childcare sector)

• Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 02.45 PM - 06.30 PM
• Wednesday: 12.00 PM - 06.30 PM
• Friday: 12.00 PM - 06.30 PM OR 02.45 PM - 06.30 PM
• Before-school care: from 07.30 AM
• During school holidays: 07.30 AM - 06.30 PM