Pre-school playgroup

We also offer pre-school playgroups, named PeuterPlaza, at many of Korein Kinderplein’s locations. There, your toddler (ages 2 to 4) can play with other toddlers a few hours a week. The pedagogical staff members encourage the development of your child in a playful and focused manner. At PeuterPlaza, we employ the same VVE methods we use at the Nursery. This way, we encourage the development of your child. And has your child turned 4? Then the step to primary school will just be a small one: at PeuterPlaza, your child has already started growing accustomed to the daily routine.

How often will your child go to PeuterPlaza?

In most cases, a child will come to PeuterPlaza 2 to 4 daily periods a week.

Peuterplaza rates

The rates for pre-school playgroups are determined once a year.

Register for PeuterPlaza

Register your child for PeuterPlaza: playing with other children for a few mornings or afternoons a week. Development stage for ages 2 to 4. In the municipality of Eindhoven, PeuterPlaza is available to children from 2 years and 3 months to 4 years old.