Hot meal service

Are you working after hours? In that case, the hot meal service would be perfect. The biggest advantage is that rush hour is no longer a stressful time at home. Your child will have a nice, quiet, and responsible dinner with us. And what’s particularly important: your child will eat on time. An additional childcare service!


Kindcentrum De Ruimte in Son en Breugel
Korein Kinderplein Beneden Beekloop 92 in Geldrop
Korein Kinderplein Burgemeester Notermansstraat in Best
Korein Kinderplein Cassandraplein in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Craneveldstraat in Venlo
Korein Kinderplein De Messenmaker in Veldhoven (hot meal during lunch)
Korein Kinderplein Don Boscostraat in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Floralaan West 258 in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Floralaan West 264 in Eindhoven
Korein Kinderplein Johannes Vermeerstraat in Best
• Korein Kinderplein Marseillelaan in Eindhoven
Korein Kinderplein Mgr. Zwijsenstraat in Best
• Korein Kinderplein Muggenberg in Heeze
Korein Kinderplein Secr. L. Jansenstraat in Best
Korein Kinderplein Topaasring in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Wenckenbachstraat in Eindhoven
Korein Kinderplein Wersakker in Mierlo
Mondomijn in Helmond

Hot meal service rates

Please find the rates for our hot meal service on our list of rates


You can enroll your child to the Kinderplein. All children from 1.5 years who can eat independently are welcome.


The video below will give you an impression of the hot meal service.