Swimming lessons service

We offer swimming lessons to children aged 5 and over during out-of-school care. Supervision is provided by expert swimming instructors from the swimming pool. Our service consists of dropping off and picking up your child. We will also remain present during the swimming lessons. A convenient childcare service!

Where will the swimming lessons be held?

Korein Kinderplein has cooperation agreements with the following swimming pools:

• Ir. Ottenbad swimming pool (Eindhoven)
• TU/e swimming pool (Eindhoven)
• Swimming and sports center Eikenburg (Eindhoven)
• Den Ekkerman swimming pool (Veldhoven)
• Josefien swimming school (Weert)

Which establishments of Korein Kinderplein organize swimming lessons?

Your child can take part in swimming lessons through nearly 30 establishments of Korein Kinderplein:

Korein Kinderplein Aldendriel in Eindhoven
Korein Kinderplein Beneden Beekloop 92 in Geldrop
• Korein Kinderplein Baarle Hertoglaan in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Cassandraplein in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Don Boscostraat in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Floralaan West 258 in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Floralaan West 264 in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Grasland in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Keverberg in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Reigerlaan in Eindhoven
Korein Kinderplein Schelluinen in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Seringenstraat in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Sliffertsestraat in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Urkhovenseweg in Eindhoven
• Korein Kinderplein Waterlinie in Eindhoven
Korein Kinderplein Wiekendreef in Weert

Is your establishment of Korein Kinderplein not listed?

In some cases, the swimming lessons service can still be used by mutual agreement. Please contact your area manager or team coach regarding this matter.


You can retrieve the costs for swimming lessons at the swimming pool. In addition to these costs, you will need to pay Korein Kinderplein for the swimming lessons service on a monthly basis. You can find these costs on our list of rates.


Interested? Please inquire about the enrollment procedure at your Kinderplein.