Pedagogical policy framework

Download the Pedagogical policy framework of Wij zijn JONG.

Have a look at your child’s Kinderplein, too

Every Korein Kinderplein has elaborated the Pedagogical policy framework and the Pedagogical working plans in its own way. These documents are available in print at your child’s Kinderplein.

Het Gezonde Kinderplein (Healthy Kinderplein)

In 2011, we launched Het Gezonde Kinderplein (Healthy Kinderplein): a unique project of Korein Kinderplein and southeastern Brabant’s GGD (Local Health Board). With this long-range project, we encourage a healthy lifestyle and environment for every child. In 2012, we launched a new treats policy. You can read more on this policy in the treats file (in Dutch), where you will also find delicious and healthy recipes for treats, among other things!