Skillful staff members

Our pedagogical staff members provide your child with guidance. They are enthusiastic, committed, and well-educated. They have an eye for every child, provide emotional safety, and give every child personal attention.

Trust and identification

On the Korein Kinderplein, your child is surrounded with familiar faces. The pedagogical staff members provide a recognizable structure: the children know where they stand. This way, they get to know other children and learn to establish relationships - in perfect safety. The pedagogical staff ensure that your child will truly fit in.

Professional development and VIG

All pedagogical staff members of Korein Kinderplein have at least completed an MBO study program (intermediate vocational education). In addition, they are provided with professional development through the Knowledge Center of Korein Groep. For example, there are training programs on video interaction guidance (VIG). This method allows them to get a clearer picture of your child’s needs.

The educators of Korein Groep

The department Pedagogy and Quality is behind the Korein Groep. This department supports the pedagogical staff members, so that they can be expert parenting partners to you.