Exchanging hours at Korein Kinderplein

Children mostly come on fixed days to the day-care and after-school care. This is good for group stability and helps the children to feel safe, which is good for the facility's educational standards. However, occasionally your child might not be able to come, or you require incidental care on a different day than usual. If you register your child absent in good time, you will receive exchange-hours (for swapping days). The options for swapping days depend largely on your cooperation in reporting your child as absent in good time on normal childcare days. You also receive exchange-hours when a holiday falls on your contract day. This relates to days on which the childcare facility is closed as per the Childcare CLA: New Year's Day, Easter Monday, King's Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

We have drawn up the following rules for swapping days:

  • To receive exchange-hours, your child must be reported absent via the parent portal before 08.30 AM on the day concerned. You may then use this day another time, in consultation with your local facility.
  • You can report your child absent up to 3 months in advance.
  • Bear in mind that if you report your child absent in advance for a certain day, that this day may then be planned in.
  • You can submit a request for exchange-hours up to 3 months in advance. 
  • It is possible to take an extra day or exchange a half day, but only if there is enough staff present or available to take care of the children. We have to observe the rules (by law). The maximum number of children allowed in the facility and per staff member may not be exceeded.
  • It's allowed to cancel unapproved requests.
  • You will lose approved exchange-hours that you do not actually use.
  • It's not allowed swap extra childcare.
  • The exchange-hours are child-specific.
  • The exchange-hours are valid for 365 days after your reported your child absent.
  • If your child switches from day-care to after-school childcare, then you lose your accrued exchange-hours from the day-care. 
  • If the childcare contract is terminated, the accrued exchange-hours expire. It's not allowed to use exchange-hours after the last contract day.
  • If your child switches to a different facility during the year, your accrued exchange-hours remain valid.
  • It is not possible to use exchange-hours for part of a day. It's also not allowed to add this on to exchange-hours accrued at a later date. Any exceeding hours will ben charged.
  • You always report your child absent for at least one (half)day and receive exchange-hours for this. It's not possible to report absence for single hours.
  • Any hours used after termination of your contract will be charged.
  • It's not allowed to exchange unused exchange-hours for money.